300 Million Cubic Yards

is the annual dredging volume in the United States. It is enough to fill approximately 100,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Dredging Industry: The Catalyst for Trade and Commerce

Dredging Industry is a heavy-asset industry responsible for maintaining and expanding 25,000 miles of navigable waterways and nearly 400 ports to support $1.7 Trillion of annual trade in the United States.

Dredge Analytics™ is The FIRST AI-Powered Industrial DataOps Platform for operating and managing the maritime transportation infrastructure. Dredge Analytics™ combines Digital Twin technology and Artificial Intelligence to provide real time strategic insights for stakeholder in this field.

Scalable Cloud-based Platform

  • End-to-end process digitization
  • Digital collaboration tools
  • Real-Time advanced analytics
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics

Available Anywhere on Any Device

Cloud based web application, available
anywhere on any device

  • Touchscreen user interface (UI).
  • Intelligent QA/ QC Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms for operational optimization
  • Dashboard customization for both C-suite executives and functional managers

Which features are included?

DredgeAnalytics FeatureSILVER
Basic Data Acquisition
and Data Analytics
Monitor operational efficiency
daily, weekly, monthly and annual KPIs
individual vessels or complete fleet performance
Steering decision dashboards
Automatic daily operations reports
Tracking the operational carbon footprint
Automated statutory reporting as per regulatroy requirements (e.g. forms 4267, 27A etc.)
Human assisted QA/QC
Weekly and monthly managerial reports available
Technical and operational support
AI-powered algoithms to optimize operationl efficiency
Autonomous QA/QC
Data driven strategic insights
Complete digital twin of the physical assets and operational processes
Use machine learning algorithms to optimise operational efficiency