Backbone of the Global Economy

Maritime and offshore infrastructures are the backbone of the global economy. They enable us to move goods, power businesses, connect people, light up cities, heat and cool our buildings.

Why Maritime Infrastructure?

of the Internet’s data travels underwater
of global trade is seaborne
of global energy is produced offshore

The Challenge

US decaying maritime and offshore infrastructure
is posing national security and economical deficit.

Potential U.S GDP loss by 2025

Cost to American businesses and households by 2025

Fewer jobs by 2039

And while maritime and offshore infrastructure has become ever more central to our daily lives, the technology investment in this sector has been lagging, leaving a billion dollar gap between where it needs to be and where it is currently.

Research has shown that for every $1 investment in technology in maritime and offshore infrastructures there is a $10 return to the US economy.

U.S. Infrastructure gap is Growing

Investment in infrastructure technologies (InfraTech) and the deployment of such technologies will help to close the gap.

The Solution


A paradigm shift for critical infrastructure assets

By providing end-to-end digitization combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we will enable asset owners, operators, contractors, inspectors, financiers, insurers, and regulators to access more efficient and more cost-effective means to deliver and monitor critical offshore and maritime infrastructure assets.


  • Higher safety and security
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower carbon footprint

Return on Investment (ROI)

Savings in annual spendings for
operation and maintenance (O&M)

Increase in productivity


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